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QUESTION:  What products or services are children prohibited from receiving messages for in Michigan?
ANSWER:  Under the Michigan Children's Protection Registry Act, "a person shall not send, cause to be sent, or conspire with a third party to send a message to an address that has been registered for more than 30 calendar days with the department if the primary purpose of the message is to, directly or indirectly, advertise or otherwise link to a message that advertises a product or service that a minor is prohibited by law from purchasing, viewing, possessing, participating in, or otherwise receiving."

Below is a list of products or services that are currently illegal under Michigan or United States Federal Law for children to purchase, view, possess, or participate in:
  • Alcohol (MCL 436.1701)
  • Tobacco (MCL 722.641)
  • Pornography or Obscene Material (MCL 722.673-722.677, MCL 750.142-750.143, 47 USC 231(e)(6))
  • Gambling (MCL 432.218)
  • Firearms (MCL 750.223,MCL 28.422)
This list should not be considered comprehensive. If you are a marketer with a question about whether the product or service you are advertising is covered by the law, please contact us.