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Because of their unique nature, instant messenger IDs require an additional step to confirm registration. This page will guide you through this confirmation process.

  1. Sign up your IM contact point on the "Register Contact Points" page.
  2. Using your instant messaging service, send the word "register" to the buddy listed in the box below:
Logo Provider Name: Send "register" to:
AOL® Instant Messenger™ AOL® Instant Messenger™ ProtectMIChild
ICQ® ICQ® 284465981
MSN Messenger® MSN Messenger® ProtectMIChild@hotmail.com
(must be added to your buddy list before sending a message)
Yahoo! Messenger® Yahoo! Messenger® ProtectMIChild
  1. This procedure must be followed for each instant messenger ID you wish to register.
  2. Once confirmed, your instant messenger ID will be added to the registry within 24 hours. Senders of prohibited instant messages have 30 days to remove your instant messenger ID(s) from their sending lists.

Logos that appear in this box are trademarks of their respective owners. These logos are provided for your convenience in order to help you identify the instant messaging service you are using. The presence of the logos does not represent an endorsement of the ProtectMIChild service by the trademark owners, or an endorsement of any instant message service by the State of Michigan.